A Principled Hypocrite

Synopsis: When people speak of ‘living by your principles’, it sounds all too fluffy and intangible. It is something you might expect in a sermon or from a yoga-loving hippie. However, over the past few years, I have tried to understand what my ‘core beliefs’ or ‘principles’ and live by them. This post focuses on my attempts to live by them, my failures and the virtues of being a ‘principled hypocrite’.

Disclaimer: I have realised blogging is quite hard, particularly when conveying thoughts as opposed to travelling experiences – apologies if this does not read clearly, any comments/advice would be much appreciated and hopefully, with practice, I shall be more succinct!

To facilitate a clear discussion, I will define both terms:

Principles – core beliefs which you ascribe to and shape your decisions i.e the thing in your head that tells the way in which you would like to achieve something, not how

The first google link when looking up ‘principles – a fashion range by Debenhams!

Hypocrisy – professing beliefs which one’s own behaviour does not conform to, i.e a pacifist initiating a fist brawl

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Why I am writing a blog

Writing a blog is an idea I have flirted with but never committed to until now. Glancing at the Huffington Post’s ’10 Reasons you should start blogging’, none appealed. I had no commercial interest, intent to share a blog with strangers or even particular expertise to provide. A chronicle of my thoughts perhaps? I already chronicle them (or at least the interesting ones) and besides, why put it online?

After some thinking, I have begun to establish the purpose of a blog for me:

  • An honest collection of some of my key thoughts
  • To share them with friends and family
  • A nice & easy way to update those interested about some of my life’s ongoings and as writing practice!

However, these alone would suggest I should keep a diary, create an Instagram and take a writing class (or read more as my mother & Tom Simpson would suggest). It’s this last reason that encapsulates why I chose to create a blog:

  • To create a discussion – my ultimate hope for this blog is to share some of my thoughts and hear the opinions of the people I value: my close friends and family. Whether through a comment or a message – I really want to hear your opinion on my blog posts!

I’m not placing any strict requirement on posting but I hope to start with a blog post once a week [update Aug 2019: once a month at best]. As such by clicking the ‘Join in’ button, you shouldn’t get inundated with emails.

Finally, you may be curious about the name – ‘The Ramblings of a Hypocrite’. A lot of what I intend to share will be my views on various matters or ways I think that I (and others) should act. Yet, often I will do the very opposite!

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