Why I am writing a blog

Writing a blog is an idea I have flirted with but never committed to until now. Glancing at the Huffington Post’s ’10 Reasons you should start blogging’, none appealed. I had no commercial interest, intent to share a blog with strangers or even particular expertise to provide. A chronicle of my thoughts perhaps? I already chronicle them (or at least the interesting ones) and besides, why put it online?

After some thinking, I have begun to establish the purpose of a blog for me:

  • An honest collection of some of my key thoughts
  • To share them with friends and family
  • A nice & easy way to update those interested about some of my life’s ongoings and as writing practice!

However, these alone would suggest I should keep a diary, create an Instagram and take a writing class (or read more as my mother & Tom Simpson would suggest). It’s this last reason that encapsulates why I chose to create a blog:

  • To create a discussion – my ultimate hope for this blog is to share some of my thoughts and hear the opinions of the people I value: my close friends and family. Whether through a comment or a message – I really want to hear your opinion on my blog posts!

I’m not placing any strict requirement on posting but I hope to start with a blog post once a week [update Aug 2019: once a month at best]. As such by clicking the ‘Join in’ button, you shouldn’t get inundated with emails.

Finally, you may be curious about the name – ‘The Ramblings of a Hypocrite’. A lot of what I intend to share will be my views on various matters or ways I think that I (and others) should act. Yet, often I will do the very opposite!

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 00.56.21

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A hypocrite who enjoys engaging with ideas, challenging my own and exploring new ones.

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