Uninvited, they arrived in their droves.

At first by land, followed by sea and then by air.

They made different sounds but spoke the same gestures, “We come in peace”, they said.

Only, at each turn, their “peace” stood for the imposition of their belief system, for soon:

Guns captured bodies in the name of racial hierarchies, 

God captured minds in the name of civilising, and 

Greed captured wealth in the name of capitalism.

The names, the eras and the perpetrators may have changed but the underlying belief remained the same: inferiority. An inferiority which imposed a foreign system for value and justified the subsequent robbery of it.

And today, as an expat, I ask: “if they are not us, how are we not them?”

Photo credits to my flatmate Scott, instagram: @scott.fagerstrom. Can you spot me?