The Development Dilemma podcast

As you may have noticed, this blog has been a bit dormant of late and I am delighted to share the reason why: I have started a podcast! The Development Dilemma podcast is a place for starting the conversation between expats and Kenyans on the issues in the international development space from both perspectives. Whilst speaking in relation to Kenya, it is generally about the challenges of two people from different cultures collaborating to make meaningful change. As blog followers, I hope you will follow the podcast as well and you can now find the first three episodes up to try on Itunes, Spotify & Stitcher:

I would really appreciate your support if you can give it a listen, subscribe & share with two friends who might find it of interest! A review on Itunes would be particularly helpful. You can also follow on instagram (thedevelopmentdilemma) or twitter (@dev_dilemma).

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