About the Blogger

In many ways, this blogs sums me up – it is a repository for some of my thoughts, ideas and experiences. In brief, I was born in Canada and grew up there for 11 years, followed by 11 years in London. (The question of my identity is something I cover in this post.) I began studying Economics at Cambridge in 2014 and after graduating in 2017, I spent the summer cycling across Europe.

In September 2017, I moved to Kenya for an internship with a UK funded NGO called FSD Africa (www.fsdafrica.org) which work on financial sector development as a path to poverty reduction. After completing this internship in December of the same, I looked to return to Kenya and found another exciting opportunity to join the Kenyan office of a social-impact investment firm, Triple Jump. As obtaining a work visa proved to be a lengthy process, I lived and worked in Amsterdam (at my employer’s HQ) till October 2018 and recently moved back to Kenya.