About the Blogger

In many ways, this blogs sums me up – it is a repository for some of my thoughts, ideas and experiences. In brief, I was born in Canada and grew up there for 11 years, followed by 11 years in London. (The question of my identity is something I cover in this post.) I began studying Economics at Cambridge in 2014 and after graduating in 2017, I spent the summer cycling across Europe.

In September 2017, I moved to Kenya for an internship with a UK funded NGO called FSD Africa (www.fsdafrica.org) which work on financial sector development as a path to poverty reduction. After completing this internship in December of the same, I looked to return to Kenya and found another exciting opportunity to join the Kenyan office of a social-impact investment firm, Triple Jump. As obtaining a work visa proved to be a lengthy process, I lived and worked in Amsterdam (at my employer’s HQ) till October 2018 and have lived in Kenya ever since.

If you have any comments, criticisms or questions. Feel free to reach out at: arnavskapur@gmail.com