What the Left can Learn from Lincoln

Blog Update

I am hoping to shorten the length of my posts, in response to useful reader advice, and post more regularly, ideally once a week. I find my own, hopefully interesting, ideas are very time consuming to write up (8-10 hours a post) so to make this rate feasible, I will draw inspiration from the work of others. Fortunately, this will not require researching further as I have made it a (painful) habit since the age of 16 to ritually take notes on ANY content I have learnt from – fiction & non-fiction books, podcasts, events & talks, observations at work, and even insightful discussions. I will try to collate them in thought-provoking and hopefully novel ways, let me know what you think!

Who was Lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln is a household name, and much like most household names, people are content with the name to be the extent of their knowledge. Continue reading What the Left can Learn from Lincoln

Trying to Define Happiness

This post builds on my recent blog, Confessions of an Addict, which discusses our societal addiction to happiness, how it is misguided and has consequences for all. In that post, as a friend highlighted, I failed to define happiness. Here, I attempt to address that oversight by considering two conceptions of happiness, discussing their implications and how society’s actions show that ‘Happiness = Pleasure’ dominates. Continue reading Trying to Define Happiness

How I have survived as a vegan…and you can too!

In this post, I cover my trials and tribulations in a vegan lifestyle, the common misconceptions about it and, how someone (maybe even you!) can approach it. My hope is not to evangelise but for convincing, go here, watch this humorous vegan dystopia BBC piece called Carnage or read my rationale. Continue reading How I have survived as a vegan…and you can too!

How I accidentally became Vegan

When I moved out to Kenya in September 2017, I had been ‘vege-quarian’ (pescatarian) for about two years with no intention of changing. However, this quickly changed. My local supermarket, or more appropriately termed ‘hectic corner shop’, did not sell fish or cheese and coupled with my aversion to frequent shopping and milk’s short lifespan, I found my diary & meat intake curtailed. To my surprise, I had slipped into being vegan. (Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products – meat, fish, eggs, dairy).

On arriving in the UK I found that, despite what the French think, the huge variety of cheese was grating on me. I had to re-evaluate my decision and develop a stronger rationale. This is my current rationale, which is always susceptible to change, and my response to the best arguments I have heard against it. In this blog, I delve into how I imperfectly implement this veganism as an eternal hypocrite.

Why go vegan? Continue reading How I accidentally became Vegan

A human centric world: are humans really central?

I recently returned to the UK, making a swift transition from a warm and sunny Nairobi to a cold and grey Central London in all it’s Christmas fervour. As I journeyed from the land of little to the land of plenty, I was confronted by the differences but also the similarities. Continue reading A human centric world: are humans really central?